Classes begin September 24th!


Organic Gardening

Wednesdays 9am-10:50am 

The class objective is to promote healthy, sustainable food production through education and practice. We strive to develop skill sets that will empower students to grow their own food in an ecologic-conscious manner each student will gain hands-on experence with crop propagation, composting, soil building, garden design, and garden to plate cooking!


Wednesdays 3pm-4:50pm

This class is designed to provide a brief introduction of herbalism and various ways of healing with medicinal plants. Students will experience the various methods, tips, and techniques to taste, see, feel, smell, and learn about some of the most commonly used herbs and how to incorporate them into daily life for overall health and well-being.


Urban Homestead

Tuesdays 3pm-4:50pm

This course explores homescale food production systems with a focus on permaculture,
intensive mini-farming and urban homesteading. Integrates both research and practical applications to create home-scale food systems that have the resiliency of natural ecosystems.

Green Building

Thursdays 3pm-4:50pm

This course is intended to create a foundation that enables students to exercise and/or adopt natural building and construction methods. Students will examine standard building practices and explore alternative methods of sustainable residential design through hands-on activities, projects, group discussions, field trips, and materials testing.


Note: Drop-ins are welcome but supplies may be limited. Those enrolled will be provided with materials first then extras will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.