Employees and community members lead-free workshops on appropriate technology and community building throughout the semester ranging from solar lighting to herbal remedies.

Workshops are announced when on a monthly basis as they become available.  Please check our front page from time to time for more details!  Or, sign up for our email list to be notified directly.



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Volunteer Fridays


CCAT is always busy building new projects and maintaining existing ones.  

Like to garden?  Do groundskeeping?  Paint signs?  Work on 

Appropriate Tech projects?  Then CCAT has the place for you.

Join us on Volunteer Fridays from 10am – 4pm every school week!

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help out but can’t come on a regular basis?  Or, maybe you have a special skill that we should know about?  Let us know!



If interested in making a donation you can follow this link to be taken to the club donation page. Under designation select the CCAT Program.