What is CCAT?

About CCAT

CCAT is the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, a live-in laboratory for sustainability! Student-funded, student-led and student-staffed, the Humboldt State University Associated Students program serves the HSU student body, the local Arcata community and the international community providing information and hands on experience about appropriate technologies and methods for living lightly on the earth.

The Future - CCAT's Strategic Plan

CCAT Strategic Plan

Greetings! The document before you was crafted by members of the CCAT community in February of 2006. The Co-Directors further refined it, and now would like to solicit people's thoughts on how it can be improved. You can read the whole thing online, below, or download the Strategic Plan as a Word .DOC. Please read each section, either separately or all at once, then share your thoughts and suggestions to us in the text box at the end of the document. Thank You! -The Co-Directors.


Our Team

CCAT is entirely student-led, student-funded, and student-run.  We are advised by a Steering Committee consisting of past co-directors, employees, faculty and staff, and other relevant community members.

Employee Profiles

Teri Lynn Grunthaner, Co-Director

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History at CCAT:


In 1978, a small group of dedicated students saved the dilapidated Buck house on Humboldt State University’s campus from being demolished. With the support of HSU faculty and the community, the students began to remodel the house and use the house to experiment with appropriate technologies. In the summer of '79 we acquired the house, remodeled and moved in, and in 1980 we became an A.S. program known as the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT).