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Jobs at CCAT

CCAT is hiring! Five positions are open for the Spring 2016 semester! Positions include (click for expanded job descriptions):


Appropriate Tech Projects for Anyone and Everyone

AppropediaAppropriate Technology is technology that's environmentally sound, socially just, and economically sustainable.  There are AT projects around the world built with local, easily-procured materials and labor.  Many are projects anyone can learn to build at home.

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Bart's Private Collection - Old-School CCAT!

Our friend and longtime supporter Bart Orlando has his own collection of older CCAT photos from the early 90s and on!  


The CCAT lending library is open to the public during CCAT business hours, Monday through Friday 9-5, and holds more than 800 titles. Books are available to all and may be checked out for three weeks.  You do not need to be an HSU student.

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Our Annual Newsletter: The AT Transfer

View our newsletters in the old school format. The AT Transfer is an annual print publication published for all CCAT stakeholders in order to keep current on the happenings at CCAT! Once available online, the link will be posted.  


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