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1st Friday of every month at 12pm

3rd Friday of every month at 2pm 

Beginning..... 3/1/19



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Check out CCAT's YouTube Channel to see some of what we are doing here at CCAT. We are in the process of creating tutorials and examples of appropriate technology made by CCAT staff. Check back here or subscribe to our channel for updates.

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We usually send one or two emails a month to let people know about the month's events, workshops, etc. We may also periodically send out special announcements for job openings, major volunteer events, and more. Already signed up? Click here to update your preferences. See examples of our previous emails


Appropriate Tech Projects for Anyone and Everyone

AppropediaAppropriate Technology is technology that's environmentally sound, socially just, and economically sustainable.  There are AT projects around the world built with local, easily-procured materials and labor.  Many are projects anyone can learn to build at home.


What is CCAT?