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Hey, Y'all!

Hope everyone is fine and dandy! 

So, here at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology(CCAT), we are reaching out to the Humboldt State University community and beyond for help. We are currently in the race for a grant from Seeds of Change! If we are victorious, we would be considered for a substantial amount $10,500-$25,000! 

What we are asking for... 
In order to reach the judging phase of the contest, we need everyone to vote every day starting on March 30th till April 19th. Please share this event will all your friends, family, and community! We will be forever grateful if you could post flyers at your school, work, and in public! If you want to enlist your email into a daily reminder please message Ryan Sendejas to subscribe. 

With the help of your efforts, could help address student food insecurity on campus by expanding of CCAT workshops, offer seed to plate cooking classes, maximize the amount of food our garden produces, reinforce the future HSU community garden, and support our campus food pantry at Oh Snap Humboldt State.

If you would like to join the HSU street team feel free to message me and/or if you have any input or suggestions that could help us feel free to share! Thank you for anything and everything!!! 

Much love!


How would you use this grant to help your community?

Campus Center for Appropriate Technology(CCAT), a live-in laboratory for sustainability! Student-funded, student-led and student-staffed, the Humboldt State University Associated Students program serves the HSU student body, the local Arcata community and the international community providing information and hands-on experience about appropriate technologies and methods for living lightly on the earth.

We embrace our unique pedagogy of experimental learning and community-based knowledge and offers tours, workshops, and opportunities for hands-on involvement in our demonstration home. Like many other college campuses across the country, here at HSU approximately 47% of the student population is skipping meals due to economic hardships, we would use this grant to help address the student food insecurity issues on campus by expanding and enhancing of CCAT workshops, seed to plate cooking classes, maximize the amount of food our garden produces, and donate all surplus to our campus pantry.