Rent your CAP and/or GOWN from CCAT Today!

This Form is your reservation  of a cap and/or gown rental. (no payment yet)

**Sizes 5'-5'8'' are SOLD OUT**

Thank you for all of your support!!


Click here for RENTAL FORM 

Caps- $5 Gowns- $20

You can rent both, or just cap/gown

Online payment

If you would like to pay online or with a card we will be sending out an online ordering form soon via email or you can pay cash when picking up, if preferred.


Pick-ups will begin April 19th

Every Friday between 10am-4pm.

Any questions about Cap and Gown rentals or this form can be e-mailed to


Returns and donations will be accepted at the feild after graduation or must be returned witin the next 2 days to the CCAT house.

Cap and Gown Prices