Group Kayak trip

Welcome to the CCAT Club!

The CCAT Club was renewed Fall 2018 to expand the network (we prefer web) of support for sustainable living on the Humboldt State campus and beyond.

The mission of the CCAT Club is to bring people together around the ideas of the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) and explore new ideas together. The Club can provide a greater number of volunteers, larger network of resources on campus and in the community, increase creative diversity of ideas, and allow for direct action by people not employed by CCAT.

Creativity is encouraged, so our Club language has developed an ongoing analogy to the many webs of life—calling people “strings,” calling positions “tangles”, and calling branches of the club “webs.” This language is intended to turn responsibility into fun, grab attention, and embody the creative and non-conventional ways of thinking that CCAT values in building a better world.

Join Us!

CCAT club meeting are held every Friday from 4-5pm (right after Volunteer Fridays)

All are welcome!   Even if you are not yet a member of the CCAT club please stop by to say hello and learn about all the adventures and projects we are planning!

Email for more information or to get access to the CCAT Club Google Drive. 

CCAT Club Meeting 2019

CCAT Club Photos

If you have photos you would like to contribute please add them to the CCAT club drive and add a comment titled "Website"

If you do not yet have access to the CCAT Club Drive please email or feel free to ask at the next club meeting.

Mycology workshop

 Club Mushroom photo